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  1. I laughed hard at Lost Comics of the Golden Age, especially when I reached the fifth page.
  2. Among other fun stuff, Chad, Matt, and Rob‘s site contains interactive adventures you can play on…YouTube.
  3. Potato Moon is a collaborative novel you can read online. Just to give you an idea what it’s about, the main characters are Jakob Blaq, Edwood Sullen, and a woman named Bela.
  4. I had no idea Donald Barthelme wrote, much less won a prize for, a children’s book entitled…The Slightly Irregular Engine, or the Hithering Thithering Djinn!
  5. Bill Kte’pi considers his story “David Bowie’s Mars Triptych an example of “real-person fan fiction.” That makes sense.

    And while I have no idea what’s up with the novel he was talking about, I’m pretty sure there’s a similar story in In Dreams. Maybe not Bowie though, but some other larger-than-life rock icon with multiple personae. Elvis maybe? Not Dylan, at least not yet.

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