Ricky Martin?

Something tells me I may be setting myself up with the title of this entry. You see, I’m really talking about living la vida existencialista: Nietzsche and Heidegger.

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What I’m Not Blogging About

I’m doing it again with this blog: letting it lie fallow when I so want to write on it. I have four drafts of blog entries waiting for completion, revision, and publication.

That’s admittedly not as much as the bits and snippets that made up the Notepad files I used to keep back when I was on LiveJournal. Why, four WordPress drafts is half the number of Facebook Note drafts I have at the moment.

But still: Editions of You is new, and four drafts is also half the number of blog entries I have here so far (not counting my About page).

My drafts include something about my initial encounter with “principles” of Deleuzian pedagogy, a list of links to a handful of poems I enjoyed reading, an attempt to revise a Facebook Note on Patti Smith, and another one about Nick Cave.

I’m hoping to have these out sometime, but I must admit that I may not get around to them. My mind and my Web browser are also busy with links I want to write about and share sometime soon: espionage and treason, the Dalek Masterpiece Theatre, etc.

I want to talk about how my wife and I have grown selective about the films we watch in the cinemas, and how our thrift is contradicted by how we’ve seen two films this year twice…just because. (For the curious, it’s Star Trek and Drag Me to Hell.)

Now I’m not sure how to tag and categorize this entry, so I’ll just go backĀ  to my reading now.