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Poetry Plus

Douglas Kearney already has two pieces on the Craft Work section of the Poetry Foundation’s Harriet blog. Both gather aphorisms on his poetics.

The first is “Mess”:

My poetry is often guided by an impulse to fail.

When this is the case, writing is an attempt to salvage something from the mess.

The second is “Mass”:

In effect, the poem may perform an attempt to master amassed mess.

Since he’ll be posting for the next two months, I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing “Miss,” “Muss,” perhaps even “Moss” next. I, for one, am looking forward to the rest of his pieces.


Just as interesting is Brian Kim Stefans, who talks about the Surrealist Fortune Cookie in a lecture on “the Holy Grails of electronic literature” and “seven varieties of crisis.” He’s also written “A Manifesto for Video Game Developers” and a freeware “anthology” or “syllabus” that serves as an introduction to electronic literature. Had I known about that last one, I would have taught a class with it.

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