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from “Clamor and Quiet” by Ange Mlinko

From “Clamor and Quiet” by Ange Mlinko:

There’s a tingle of delight when suddenly, emerging from the free play of thought, all the harmonics of a word resound at once, producing its ghostly overtone. That delight is no mere idea: it is a physical spark.


This is from Mlinko’s review of books by Robert Pinsky and Mary Kinzie. Pinsky’s a poet I have ambivalent feelings about; Kinzie was unfamiliar to me, until I read Mlinko’s review. Now, I’m interested in Kinzie, very interested.

“The Poems I Am Not Writing” is the hybrid of prose and verse that Mlinko considers the centerpiece of Kinzie’s California Sorrow. “Learning To Bear” is also a good read, a more conventional but no less insightful essay by Kinzie on poet Louise Bogan‘s “Zone.”


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