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About a Boy

DISCLAIMER: The title refers neither to the Nick Hornby novel nor to its film adaptation, but more to Patti Smith’s threnody for Kurt Cobain. And yes, I like Kurt. But I love Patti.

Am I an effect of my alphabet?

A: My name is Andrew. My wife’s name is April. I teach at the Ateneo de Manila University. Auteurism was the topic of my undergrad thesis. These days, I’m more interested in what I can call autre-ism.

B: Barthes and I have the same birthday. I’d like to be like him. Also, (Walter) Benjamin: no, we don’t share a birthday, but he’s yet another magpie scholar I admire. And as much a magpie as a chameleon: (David) Bowie. Also Ballard.

C: Cave. As in Nick…and the Bad Seeds. And Cave Canem. Creative Writing, which is the MA degree toward which I’m working. Cole, too: that’s my son.

D: Dada. Because I’m a Dad to Cole. And because I like the movement and would dance to it if I could (square) dance. I also like what Emma Goldman said (or didn’t say) about dancing and revolution. But I can’t dance, or so I think.

E: Editions of You. Great song (partly thanks to Eno!), fair to middling blog. I edit my self here, like we all do. Also, ekphrasis is a term I always think about, and which I like to expand to encompass poetic encomia to the other arts.

F: Film theory is where my academic career began. Foucault is the first post-structuralist philosopher whose ideas I fell in love with. Both offer the pleasing illusion of origin.

G: Goth, not the architecture, a chunk of the aesthetic, mostly the subculture. Someday I’ll tell my grandchildren about that time when I was in a band. Was I good? Not really, but for a while…Goddamn!

H: Happiness (is a warm Hans Richter). Horror. Hats I wear: husband, father, teacher, graduate student. Hamburgers.

I: “I” is the issue in this blog, in any blog. In any instance? Indeed. Also, Iggy Pop’s The Idiot: Immense. Intense. Incredible.

J: Joy Division. I once toyed with calling this Boy Division, but it’s taken. I once had a photograph of myself which bore Joy Division as its title. There was another called “Shadowplay,” too. And we’re back to Ballard: JG. Again, Joy Division.

K: Kafka, Kafkaesque, Kafkamesto.

L: Later. It is always later.

9 thoughts on “About a Boy

  1. Hi! Congrats — you’re one of the winners of my poetry book giveaway celebrating National Poetry Month! I want to send you a copy of Cathy Park Hong’s Dance Dance Revolution. Could you send me your mailing address?

  2. Hi Sir Andrew! I am a senior from ADMU who really wants to join your class. Sent you an email but I’m not sure if it’s the right one. Hopefully you received it. Thanks so much Sir!

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