Three Unrelated Essays

Still part of my ongoing “organization” of the numerous browser tabs I’ve had open for a month or so now, three more links to essays I find interesting:

  1. “Zombie Economy” by Ben Woodard (originally written with the following subtitle: “Understanding Capitalism, Ideology and Desire through the Zombic text”)
  2. “Honeymoon in Disneyland” by Mark Fisher (moves from Philip K. Dick to Eurodisney to Michael Jackson)
  3. “What You’ve Done to My World” by Mark Greif (on Fugazi’s self-titled debut EP but also about the punk rock experience)

Ballard Across the Universe (NSFW)

The universe of different arts and media, that is. Some examples, all from Ballardian, some NSFW:

  1. “Crouching Pervert, Hidden Meisel” and “Fantasy Kits: Steven Meisel’s State of Emergency”
    (NSFW commercial photography)
  2. “The Ballardian Primer: Surveillance Cameras”
    (surveillance technology…and screensavers!)
  3. “Architectures of the Near Future: An Interview with Nic Clear”
    (architecture and multimedia exhibitions)
  4. “Cousin Silas: Another Flask of Ballard”
    (music as ambient soundscape)
  5. “The fusion of science and pornography”
    (totally NSFW x-ray artporn from Wim Delvoye)

“You are Hochhaus!: Ballard in Berlin”
tells you how to screen a radio play. Brilliant.