Right Now At Web Conjunctions

The constantly-updated list at Web Conjunctions is always a source of delight, but right now, the three latest pieces are all absolutely phenomenal reading:

  1. “One Hundred Characters” by Sam Allingham (“Your brother, the first boy you ever kissed. Your sister, the first person your brother ever kissed. Your mother, who has never kissed anyone, to your knowledge, since the age of thirty-seven.”)
  2. “The French Knew How To Wave” by Diana Wagman (” ‘I want a cigarette.’ You must say this with a French accent.”)
  3. Five Poems by Steven Toussaint (from “Analogion”: “ore poured/ through ode// and hissed forth/ the dread// child shape: O”)

Three Links

  1. Rude And Reckless: Punk/Post-Punk Graphics, 1976-1982
  2. J. G. Ballard’s Terminal Documents
  3. Last Year At Marienbad: “return to the ice palace”