Ballard Across the Universe (NSFW)

The universe of different arts and media, that is. Some examples, all from Ballardian, some NSFW:

  1. “Crouching Pervert, Hidden Meisel” and “Fantasy Kits: Steven Meisel’s State of Emergency”
    (NSFW commercial photography)
  2. “The Ballardian Primer: Surveillance Cameras”
    (surveillance technology…and screensavers!)
  3. “Architectures of the Near Future: An Interview with Nic Clear”
    (architecture and multimedia exhibitions)
  4. “Cousin Silas: Another Flask of Ballard”
    (music as ambient soundscape)
  5. “The fusion of science and pornography”
    (totally NSFW x-ray artporn from Wim Delvoye)

“You are Hochhaus!: Ballard in Berlin”
tells you how to screen a radio play. Brilliant.