Five From Dangerous Minds

Needless to say, one of these links don’t belong with the others:
  1. “Jello Biafra Voodoo Man: When The Saints Go Moshing In”
  2. “Deconstructing ‘Holiday In Cambodia’: Dead Kennedys In The Studio” (more at Studio Multitracks)
  3. “Rarely Seen Video Of Patti Smith On Daytime TV 1978”
  4. “Beyond The Law: Brilliant Reissue of 1977 Iggy Pop And James Williamson Album Kill City
  5. “Masturbating To Mary Tyler Moore”

From Bishop To Deane

“The Nit Pickers” is Ward Sutton’s new Drawn To Read (a book review in comic form) about the “centenary editions” of Elizabeth Bishop’s poems, prose, and correspondence with The New Yorker.

(I’m trying not to get excited over the title of Bishop’s “In The Village” for reasons that have little to do with her, although I was thrilled to have discovered a poet named Nichola Deane while looking for links about Bishop.)

Aside from an abiding interest in Romantic poetry (an area I’m currently pondering), Deane has nine blog entries about Nick Cave (she also has PJ Harvey‘s official site on her blogroll), once interviewed Clive James on F. Scott Fitzgerald, has a poem-cycle about Lee Miller in Jean Cocteau’s Blood of a Poet, and counts Bishop, Patti Smith, and Maya Deren among her triptych of influences. They’re certainly on mine, too.