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Now, Sing

I’m back, not only to this blog but also from a trip to Singapore to celebrate my son’s third birthday and my fourth wedding anniversary.

The last time I was in Singapore–during my honeymoon–was before I became interested in Singaporean poetry. In the four years since that last visit, I began graduate school and heard about publishers like Firstfruits and bookstores like Books Actually.

When one of my sisters moved to Singapore, she became my contact point and sent me old copies of now-defunct lit journal Singa, the first two issues of new journal Ceriph, and a set of titles recommended to her by someone at Books Actually.

That was more than enough to get my blood roaring and last week, I was finally able to beef up my collection further. I went to Books Actually twice (and spent more than an hour both times) and passed by the more mainstream bookstore chains, though it was only in the Borders at Parkway Parade that I bought something else.

Since my wife and I are planning to pay another visit this November–if we can save up for it–I’ve decided to keep a list of titles. It isn’t much, so far, and it doesn’t include Yeow Kai Chai‘s Pretend I’m Not Here, which is the book of Singaporean poetry I most want to buy (thanks to this review).

But more than ten is good enough to list down, I think, so here’s my list of books of Singaporean poetry.

3 thoughts on “Now, Sing

    • I’m currently reading his first collection, Secret Manta, and loving it. For all the oddness in language, most of the poems have a clearly-defined general.situation.

      When you say he has a new collection coming out soon, how soon is soon?

  1. Hmm, that probably doesn’t apply as much to his subsequent two books. I think they’re better for it; you may or may not agree once you read them. 😉

    Probably in the next 2-3 months, and definitely before year’s end.

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