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Up on “About”

I need to do something with my About page. I realized this the other day when I began drafting another page, in the middle of which I interrupted myself to ask:

“Why am I drawing up a list of items I’m trying to sell [more on those some other time] when I’ve provided nothing about myself to the people I’ve added to my blogroll?”

(All of them, save two, are strangers to me. And while I have a friendly relationship with those two exceptions, one is someone I only know online and the other was a teacher of mine. This explains my use of quotation marks in this entry’s title, and perhaps also why I have been unable to tell you who I am pace that familiar adage.)

Based on my blogroll, you might draw conclusions about aspirations I (may) have towards certain kinds of blogs.

The most dominant type are theory blogs, and while I wouldn’t say I signed up for WordPress.Com to “become” one of those, I did and still do spend my time on WordPress reading entries like “On Drive” and “Studying the Cultural Libidinal-Political Economy” (to name only two of the most recent ones I read this morning).

The others on my blogroll would be WordPress.Com blogs of authors and writers I enjoy reading. And while not all of them write creatively within an academic context (though a few do), I find that I learn as much from them as I do from the theory blogs.

This may be rooted in what I do: teaching film and media studies and studying for a creative writing MA degree. Sometimes, I come across something that seems to me applicable to both my teaching and my studies, such as “Graham on Writing Productivity”; such moments certainly please me.

And I do have fun, as you can see from the few previous entries I already have here. And, yes, even on my LiveJournal (I’ve left that dormant for so long that signing up to WordPress recently almost seems like a separate decision altogether and not part of a migration from LJ to WP).

I dig stuff popular with many other people, too: book covers, Moleskine matters, and strange Firefox add-ons. And I guess that will all have a place here. But I’d like to try something different this time. I just don’t know what that is yet.

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